• Hoop Dreams
    "Basketball is a
    relationship between you
    & the ball, you & your
    teammates. If you LOVE
    the game nobody can take
    that away from you." - MJ
  • Hoop Dreams
    "Talent is God-given.
    Be humble.
    Fame is man-given.
    Be grateful.
    Conceit is self-given.
    Be careful."

    - Coach John Wooden
  • Hoop Dreams
    "You don't always need
    the five best players
    to win, you need the five
    that play best together."
    -Greg Anthony 
  • Hoop Dreams “You can practice shooting
    eight hours a day, but if
    your technique is wrong,
    then all you become is very
    good at shooting the wrong
    way. Get the fundamentals down
    and the level of everything you
    do will rise.”

    -Michael Jordan  

Welcome To the Illinois Hoop Dreams Website

IHD provides an affordable, safe, and positive learning environment for young women. We are dedicated to helping our players build strong character, become positive role models, and to maximizing their full potential on and off of the basketball court. We are focused on fundamental skill development and improving all aspects of the player’s game in order to help them become well rounded student-athletes that are prepared to achieve success at the HS JV, HS Varsity, Collegiate level, and in life.

IHD Goals:
• Provide age-specific training.
• Teach technical and tactical skills.
• Promote good sportsmanship and team spirit.
• Increase the player’s knowledge of basketball.
• Prepare each player to be successful at the next level of school basketball.
• Evaluate each player’s skills and develop and implement a plan for individual improvement.

IHD Focus:
• Ball handling and passing.
• Triple threat and court spacing.
• Post moves and rebounding.
• Defensive keys and transition play.
• Offensive & defensive keys.
• Floor vision, court communication, and moving without the ball.
• Team offensive schemes and team defensive schemes.
• Special game situations and strategies.



IHD Players Continue to Impact Local HS Programs

Illinois Hoop Dreams was founded as an organization dedicated to providing a positive teaching environment for girls that had both the desire and talent to become great student-athletes and to raise the collective level of girls basketball in the greater Fox Valley area.

What started as a club with 2 middle school-aged teams made up primarily of players that would be attending 3 or 4 local high schools, has grown into one the premier AAU clubs in the State of Illinois with competitive teams at every level and players attending nearly 20 different high schools and dozens of grammar and middle schools.

Having just passed the half-way point in the HS season, and with a little over a month remaining before the start of the IHSA state play-offs, IHD players continue to excel at all levels with several varsity players on track to receive All-Conference and All-Area recognition at this season’s conclusion.

The passion, skill, and leadership that the players continue to demonstrate on the court has dramatically raised the overall level of play in the area and several high school programs and HS coaches are the direct beneficiaries of these efforts, with many now considered to be among the best in suburban Chicago.

So many IHD trained players are mentioned in the local newspapers on an almost daily basis, that it would be too difficult to name them all without possibly forgetting someone, so instead, we would like to commend all of the girls for their outstanding efforts so far this season, and to acknowledge their parents for continuing to support their daughter’s Hoop Dreams.

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